BLUE-TIDE Integrated Services offer services in the sub-sea sector with many years of experience and successful jobs completed to client’s satisfaction.
We have 3 sets of complete Surface control dive systems which meets IMCA standards and 2 units of inspection class ROV systems with ability to source WROV systems within a very short notice.
BLUE-TIDE Integrated Services  specializes in the provision of quality ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) services and tooling solutions for both shallow and deep water applications.

With a diverse fleet of work class and inspection class ROV systems,  BLUE-TIDE Integrated Services provides a unique and economic solution with uncompromising performance and dependability.
BLUE-TIDE Integrated Services owns and operates a variety of vehicles; ensuring vehicles are matched to project and client requirements and industry proven.

With a global presence, BLUE-TIDE Integrated Services provide the following ROV services:
• Exploration Drilling Support
• Survey Support
• Construction Support
• Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IRM)
• Environmental Surveys & Sampling
• On site physical inspection and investigation report
• We also carry out third-party ROV & Diving systems audit.

Compliance with HSE Policies: Our clientele appreciate our proven track record, state-of-the-art fleet and our ability to surpass the HSE norms.


Client: Bluetide Group
Contractor: Bluetide