Testings and calibrations are done to certify the integrity and functionality of an equipment.

Calibration is necessary to guarantee that the readings from an instrument are consistent with likewise measurements, assess the accuracy of the readings, and establish the reliability of the instrument at hand.

At  BLUE-TIDE Integrated Services, we specialize in providing repairs, servicing and calibration facilities for material testing machines and static force-measurement systems.

Our calibration services include production to distribution of pipeline systems, storage facilities, tankers and oil refineries, and from terminals through to inland distribution systems.

While working with its clients,  BLUE-TIDE experts provide equipment calibration that meet industry standards. We assist clients with certifying meter accuracy and the calibration of all primary, secondary and tertiary instrumentation.

We provide expert third party calibration and maintenance services for all gas detection equipment and stock a full line of replacement parts. We use only traceable certified calibration gas, which guarantees maximum reliability and superb performance for safety systems.

Accurate readings and reliability are matters of safety, which is why BLUE-TIDE Integrated Services Limited offers a wide range of calibration equipment to support numerous industries.


Electrical Installation, Instrumentation and Control

Electrical installations and instrumentation is a vital part of any operation related to energy, marine and the industrial sector. We have trained, specialized and experienced technicians that focus on electrical installation and instrumentation to ensure the control system functions adequately to enhance efficiency and productivity of the system.

Our services enable us to procure, supply, calibrate, install, and commission electrical and instrumentation for any industrial applications. We also generate quality documentation for all installation and commissioning activities. These services ranges from large industrial/commercial contract to small scale.