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At BLUE-TIDE INTEGRATED SERVICES we are proud to announce that we have highly seasoned consultants and experts, who are equipped with profoundly deep understanding of our services and many years of practical experience, most skillfully and successfully manage all aspects of our operations and services.

Our comprehensive database of multi-disciplinary International and Nigerian personnel for the Marine, Construction, Oil and Gas industry as well as the Power Sector; ranging from Divers, to Technicians; Senior Level Engineers and Management. We are committed and have consistently embraced INNOVATIONINTEGRITYEFFICIENCY and COMPETENCE to provide a superior level of excellence to our clients and partners.

Our duty is to give the most memorable experience to our clients. Definitely a trial will convince you!

Our Services


Blue-Tide Integrated Services specializes in the provision of quality ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) services and tooling solutions for both shallow and deep-water applications.

Marine Transport

We have access to a fleet of vessels ranging from utility vessels, DSV to supply vessels partnering with international vessel companies and individual owners around the world to deliver vessels accordingly.


Our divers are skilled and trained so that they can apply the appropriate methods at the correct place and time with complete understanding of the tools available.

OCTG Pipes

We are dedicated to serving our energy customers through an array of casing and tubing products designed to meet a new generation of challenges.

Hull Cleaning

We provides high quality underwater hull cleaning, we have experienced and well-trained diving staff in underwater repair and underwater maintenance of ship hulls.


Blue-Tide Group provides world class procurement and supply services, including Test and Commissioning Equipment, Dc/Ac Power Supply System Calibration Equipment and so on

Calibration and Testing

We specialize in providing repairs, servicing and calibration facilities for material testing machines and static force-measurement systems to certify the integrity and functionality of equipments.

Gasket Tool

We provide the Lobster gasket insertion tool to allow easy and precise insertion and minimizes the risk of injury to hands, fingers and arms.


We have an engineering team that is focused on designing for successful project construction and commissioning.

Electrical Installation

Our services enable us to produce, supply, calibrate, install and commission electrical and instrumentation for any industrial applications.


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