Blue-Tide Ltd is pleased to announce their partnership with MS4C (Multi Solutions for Companies)

From the 1st of May, 2020 Blue-Tide Group Ltd disclosed their partnership with MS4C to support their efforts to optimize their services to all clients. Blue-Tide Group Ltd strives to improve both the quality and variety of their products and services and as such partnered with MS4C to prove their commitment to improving the quality of their performance.

MS4C thinks along with potential customers, works on solutions for new/ complex situations and have the desired products manufactured and delivered quickly. They also specialize in vulcanization, seals, rubber and plastics molded parts.

The General Manager for Blue-Tide group, Ifeanyi Enyia, said: “We proudly welcome MS4C and we look forward to working closely together with each other as we make big business”.

MS4C delivers worldwide and gladly takes care of the logistics for its customers. MS4C also offers storage space (warehousing) for the products of its customers; these products can be called at any time.

MS4C has contact and does business with various players in the oil & gas industry, dredging, maritime sector, (subsea) pipeline contractors, OEM market (including machine and cylinder construction), infrastructure (rail & road), construction and drive / control technology.

MS4C your partner for Seals, Vulcanization and Plastic Molded Parts
The MS4C product portfolio consists of high quality products and services such as:
– vulcanization of steel and cast iron
– rubber & plastic products
– molded parts
– static & dynamic seals
– mechanical gaskets
– flat gaskets
– Lobster (Gasket Insertion Tool)

The house manufacturers are parties that have been active in their specialist field for quite some time. MS4C and its manufacturers rely on over 30 years of professional experience across a wide variety of industries and applications.